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Nub Series: Nub Land I


screen prints, wearable sculpture

Nub Land

Part of the Nub series


‘Thinking of transitioning into Nub woman or Vub Person? Why not try out Nub Land to immerse yourself and truly experience what the landscape feels like to you?’ *


The wearable Nub landscape is a means of transporting yourself into Nub Land. By wearing the body adornment, you can become part of a different reality - completely submerged into a new space, a place of newness and reinvention. Nub Land provides a safe place for the Nub, Vub, Nub Women and Vub Person to roam freely. This alternate reality creates a space for these new breeds to exist, to truly live out their new reimagined potential.


The transference through Wearable Sculpture and a video lens, allows an insight into what Nub Land looks and feels like to be submerged within. A unique glimpse into this vivid chromatic landscape, shows only a fraction of what a fully transitioned Nub Woman and Vub Person experiences.


‘It’s now up to you. Do you want to become a Nub Woman or a Vub Person? Re-envision yourself as a new hybrid, and finally take the plunge to transport yourself once and for all to Nub Land.’*



*from Nub World promotional literature

Photography by Lauren Kellie 

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