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Soft Architecture


stuffed pink latex material / screen print / welded spray painted wire / digital projected image / installation

“neural architecture” updates the “spatial information” to create “navigational memories”.

Our spatial and navigational memory stored in our head. Our very own maps inside of us, everyone’s slightly different. Ways in which we remember the way to a space or place.

neural architecture –> our own architecture –> internal architecture


Thinking about our own internal architecture and navigational memories, the way we visualise “our maps”. Do we think of the classic brutalist hard stone and harsh angular features of buildings in these maps and the hard touch. The buildings you find walking around towns& cities. The ones you think about when you’re trying to visualise your way around. But what if the way we pictured this was different. As humans we are soft, our skin and tissue, so what if our internal architectures were the same. Thinking about them as something soft and curved, something that holds a resemblance in colour or pattern but wasn’t what you conventionally think of. A soft architecture.

Could these two ways of visualising architecture be combined – combine the way we picture brutalist buildings and a soft abstract approach of the idea of our internal buildings and navigational memory.

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