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Nub Series: The Nub & Nub Woman


3D prints, wearable sculpture, latex and wire 

The character Nub Woman is the end product of the mating between a woman* and a creature called Nub. A fleshy pink Nub, a cylindrical organism, with the power to create new leases of life. As the Nub and woman mate – a process called ‘The Nubbing’ – it infuses its essence within her. The Nub’s essence replaces predetermined conditioning women have inherited, and reconstructs the ideals of what it is, and what it means, to be a woman. Once they fuse together, the end product is a hybrid woman without the imaginary restrictions she has, for so long, lived by. Once they mate, the Nub becomes an extension of itself – expanding from its original, to a larger and more exaggerated form. The woman’s silhouette; externally transformed, leads to the redefinition of the previously constricted internal self. A new femme form free from the chains of corrupt ideals of societal femininity.


Woman* - Anyone who identifies as a women.


I would like to credit and thank artist Tai Shani, for her inspiring words “A pink nub of pulsating flesh” from her book ‘Fatal Magic’. This phrase was the initial starting point and inspiration for this project.

Photography by Lauren Kellie 

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