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Nub Series: Vub & Vub Person


screen printed mdf, wearable sculpture

Welcoming Vub, a member of the Nublets; A group of creatures created through the evolution of the Nub.

Nub's hair fibres bind together to form a backbone. Once bound, an outer casing forms around it. This encased backbone is now what we call Vub.

Vub mates with a person to create a new being, one that challenges the binary. Vub mates with all people. It’s aim to produce Vub Person, a character that lives out with the bounds of gender, free to express themselves as they choose fit.


 Vub makes up only one of the Nublets, there are still plenty more out there…


…Stay tuned, more Nublets coming your way very soon.

Photography by Lauren Kellie 

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